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hi i'm jin!
i'm an animation student.
born in hk, raised in the atx

this is my personal art blog

sometimes i talk about life too.

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fish, fruits, and flowers

San Japan day 2! Here are some derpy pics and fangirly moments, plus some of my favorite commissions *U* I’m at table A14!

  • i am going to ctnx this year freaking finally
  • i read hirunaka no ryuusei in one 6-hour sitting and i’m a wreck
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3:55 AM, 15 July, 2014

wow last minute print for san japan WOO. /dies of embarrassment from printshop people probably judging me to hell

i’m appalled by the lack of sousuke jokes on the internet. 

just a preview keep your pants on

hmm i don’t think i’ve posted this here yet.

the shingeki artbook benefitting charity:water is still available! you can get a copy HERE or visit the deviantart page for to see the artists and artwork! thank you!

they couldn’t all fit into the picture;;;;; 

aah i met so many wonderful artists i’m so embarrassed but i look at the prints we traded and i can’t help but smile like an idiot that i can hold them in my hands after admiring them through a screen for so long 


these are samples of the commissions i will be doing at ax! (table g20) 

i realized after my hand started cramping after the first one that i hadn’t drawn traditionally in a really, really long time. .___. 

come find us!!!;;;;; we’re sort of in the middle of everything! :’D i’ll have new prints and merch and i may or may not look a mess but i will be very happy to see you. ♥

i’ll be posting commission samples shortly. see you next week!

switching between cheering for team USA and finishing this.

sorry not sorry for the buttload of previews.
spending weekend at bf’s, forgot my laptop charger at home : | 

finished print should be up by monday though \ o /