fish, fruits, and flowers


hi i'm jin!
i'm an animation student.
born in hk, raised in the atx

this is my personal art blog

sometimes i talk about life too.

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fish, fruits, and flowers

just some silhouettes of my weird cat

ahhh yes my favorite otou-san.
its challenging working with all tint-y colors! wanted to add more shadows ;;

wow i’m out of practice. thank you anon!

please help me get out of my lazy rut!send me a character and number and i’ll try to paint them with that palette~  
m(_ _)m 

please help me get out of my lazy rut!
send me a character and number and i’ll try to paint them with that palette~  

m(_ _)m 

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laryndawn said
Ah, okay! Well, with the digital drawing (even if it may vary) was that something that they really focused on (because art tends to lean that way now a days, but you said you focused on 2D) because it seems like even for a 2D focus, it would be good to use and know. Or were a lot of the assignments meant for traditional art and seeing what you could do with materials in real life? Also, how would grading work, since 'quality' can depend on a person's preference for style, what did they look for?

my experience was that scad taught us traditionally, at least in foundations courses. charcoal, graphite, pen and ink sort of stuff. i guess i had drawn with an intuos tablet since high school so i just still did it on my own time, but you aren’t really “taught” how to use the programs/tools for digital painting. now that i think about it, a lot of people i know are still struggling with painting in photoshop, but that’s not a big problem if you’re going into 3D (which a lot of them are). SELF-TEACHING IS IMPORTANT!! what’s also important is that you get fundamentals of how shape, color, and light work, and then you can basically thrive traditionally or digitally. scad has a bjillion wacom cintiqs btw, so convenient! :’D
as for animation, i think i’ve only taken 2 classes that were pencil/paper. EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIGITAL. unfortunately traditional 2D stuff is super rare nowadays :(

the professors don’t (usually) grade on personal preference, i think if you’re in a class with 20-some students drawing the same model you can tell what’s quality and what’s lacking. so for classes like life drawing and design and stuff it’s more about how much time/effort it shows you put in. it varies between professors but creativity/originality also factor in. i’d say 95% of my instructors have been super cool people though, so as long as you’re not blowing them off they’ll give you good scores b* U *

wow long post. i hope i answered your questions!

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11:01 PM, 23 July, 2014

San Japan day 2! Here are some derpy pics and fangirly moments, plus some of my favorite commissions *U* I’m at table A14!

  • i am going to ctnx this year freaking finally
  • i read hirunaka no ryuusei in one 6-hour sitting and i’m a wreck
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3:55 AM, 15 July, 2014

wow last minute print for san japan WOO. /dies of embarrassment from printshop people probably judging me to hell

i’m appalled by the lack of sousuke jokes on the internet. 

just a preview keep your pants on

hmm i don’t think i’ve posted this here yet.

the shingeki artbook benefitting charity:water is still available! you can get a copy HERE or visit the deviantart page for to see the artists and artwork! thank you!