fish, fruits, and flowers


hi i'm jin!
i'm an animation student.
this is my personal art blog.

sometimes i talk about my life too.

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fish, fruits, and flowers

guess who is so stOKED FOR SWEATER WEATHER

i danced for 12 years and the most vivid memory is pushing ten million pins into my hair 5 days a week. 

drawing under the influence [of nujabes] 

the clouds outside my window were doing a cool thing so i drew them and added grass since parking lots are hard. 
40 min?

some ladies of power from recent instagram posting. 

the new (and last) school year started for me today and i’m finally starting to get into work-mode \ o / 

Anonymous said
Hello! I saw you in AnimeFest and your art was so gorgeous! I was wondering what watercolors you used at the time? Thank you for doing such beautiful art! :D

hey! thanks so much! i use a portable watercolor “cake” set that i got in china a few years back. i think the company is called lion pencil co., but if you can’t find it i know winsor and newton sell really nice sets too :D thanks again!

(this is what mine looks like btw, i like how the palette is on the other side of the lid and that it comes with a sponge. the brush is pretty icky though)

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10:44 PM, 17 August, 2014

Some quickie commissions from yesterday and a double-kill splurge at the dealers room

i decided to finish reading Murakami’s Norwegian Wood yesterday. his novels always provoke the most vivid imagery for me and i really enjoy his writing style. Naoko wasn’t really my favorite character, but i loved all the subtle details that went into portraying her. 

just some silhouettes of my weird cat