fish, fruits, and flowers


hi i'm jin!
i'm an animation student.
born in hk, raised in the atx

this is my personal art blog

sometimes i talk about life too.

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fish, fruits, and flowers

Some quickie commissions from yesterday and a double-kill splurge at the dealers room

i decided to finish reading Murakami’s Norwegian Wood yesterday. his novels always provoke the most vivid imagery for me and i really enjoy his writing style. Naoko wasn’t really my favorite character, but i loved all the subtle details that went into portraying her. 

just some silhouettes of my weird cat

ahhh yes my favorite otou-san.
its challenging working with all tint-y colors! wanted to add more shadows ;;

wow i’m out of practice. thank you anon!

San Japan day 2! Here are some derpy pics and fangirly moments, plus some of my favorite commissions *U* I’m at table A14!

wow last minute print for san japan WOO. /dies of embarrassment from printshop people probably judging me to hell

i’m appalled by the lack of sousuke jokes on the internet. 

just a preview keep your pants on

hmm i don’t think i’ve posted this here yet.

the shingeki artbook benefitting charity:water is still available! you can get a copy HERE or visit the deviantart page for to see the artists and artwork! thank you!