i’ve been wanting to draw a lady knight for a long time u__u 

i really loved the colorblocks  that toffany did, so i decided to try some of my own! drawing in blocks and lines was somewhat challenging but very refreshing. these are some of my fall closet staples ~*u*~

i decided to finish reading Murakami’s Norwegian Wood yesterday. his novels always provoke the most vivid imagery for me and i really enjoy his writing style. Naoko wasn’t really my favorite character, but i loved all the subtle details that went into portraying her. 

wow last minute print for san japan WOO. /dies of embarrassment from printshop people probably judging me to hell

i’m appalled by the lack of sousuke jokes on the internet. 

been in a bit of a slump.
here’s something from a project i’m working on for travel portfolio. 

drawing this made me want to beat something up

in a good way

a preview of my page in Letters Artbook, a charity project benefiting Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Oregon! 

you can follow the group for more updates.
thank you for your help! 

more quickie paintings, this time with landscapes

i have more nostalgic feelings for this movie because i watched it in high school with friends

painting/composition practice with screencaps from gatsby