fish, fruits, and flowers


hi i'm jin!
i'm an animation student.
born in hk, raised in the atx

this is my personal art blog

sometimes i talk about life too.

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fish, fruits, and flowers

hey hey it’s this thing again.
this is probably the last print i’ll finish in time for matsuri. i painted a bit differently this time, trying out the overlay-over-black-and-white method and i think it’s turning out alright. really helps establish tonal contrast. 

something i’ve been carving away at for a while now, glad to finally start painting it :’-) hopefully will finish in time for matsuri!

guess what messed up series i just watched 


woops a wip.
this is for the shingeki no kyojin anthology OPERATION REQUIEM,  which also happens to be a charity artbook where all proceeds go to Water. Go check them out and watch for updates! 

sorry for the slight inactivity, still trudging through my finals. i take breaks to paint jean. ♥

guess who’s having a blast drawing 3dmg instead of doing schoolwork

trying to squeeze in one more poster before next week. i still have so much unpacking left to do unghh 

trying to squeeze in one more poster before next week. 
i still have so much unpacking left to do unghh 

you guys are getting wip’d pretty hard recently


another wip whee
(i threw a blanket over the manfriend for reference but he didn’t make the right face) 

wip time *wha-chaaa* 

wip time 

and i’ve never made an appreciation post :’[ i am ungrateful jerk. 
thanks so much guys. for following me. even though i never have interesting gif posts or cat pictures. 

here’s a wip to show my love for all of you. also it’s almost finals week so i haven’t had much time for personal art.

mwah! ♥